ZEITGEIST is critically-acclaimed.

  • Always on Time: “With every entry, Zeitgeist tends to give the middle finger to traditional adventure design. Always on Time feels like the biggest screw you I have read so far. And it is a true feat in adventure writing. Always on Time is a very different adventure. It does not hold any punches nor try to appease everyone. It is designed for players and dungeon masters who put roleplaying ahead of a meaningless series of fights. I highly suggest this to any group tired of the same old same old.”
  • Digging For Lies: “The Zeitgeist Campaign continues to be an engaging read with every release. This is the largest adventure ever, some 90+ pages. The color choices, formatting and layout work are top notch. Whether you are reading 4th edition or Pathfinder, the mechanics are sharp and witty. The Pathfinder edition is especially impressive, as the mechanics never feel like a bastard version of something else but an organic set of rules.”
  • The Dying Skyseer: “Mysteries are very hard to write in the D&D World. The system is not built for them. Adventure writers are too often trained to write towards the big battle. Publishers gear toward making more linear adventures to keep the page counts down. When they are attempted, rarely do they come off as a true mystery. I have run a few in my gaming background, and many times, my players tone out of the forced clues at locations or become bored by the lack of action. The Dying Skyseer, by Enworld Publishing, crushes the stereotype of the dull point to point D&D adventure and infuses a meaty mystery with enough role-playing, intrigue and action to satisfy an entire party.”
  • The Dying Skyseer: “I am approaching my last night of the adventure with my group, after 5 entertaining sessions and my party has not been this excited to participate in a climax in a long time. The adventure is spaciously designed to allow a group to be themselves, and tight enough where the party never feels lost and the dungeon master never needs to railroad. I fear reading the next installment of the Zeitgeist Campaign, as I am hard pressed to believe that anything will be able to top the level of detail and writing in this one.”
  • The Dying Skyseer: “The Dying Skyseer, an adventure in the Zeitgeist adventure path by EN Publishing, cannot be called an adventure and hereby I’ll dub it an “Experience”. What you have in these 90+ pages mixed between beautifully drawn works of art, well crafted maps with minute detail, and a script that reads out of a mystery novel transcends normal gaming. This is something different all together.”
  • Island at the Axis of The World: “Wow. Honestly, I knew that the crew of ENpublishing is good – I do own the War of the Burning Sky. This one mops the floor with just about every installment of aforementioned AP – the encounters are diverse, challenging, focused on intelligent roleplaying, provide action galore and add a sense of identity and “being different” to the AP that is a joy to behold. Zeitgeist is different from other APs and it is proudly, boldly even so judging from this module. Better yet – this first module is free to get you hooked and it does a stellar job of doing so. This is by far the best free module I’ve read for PFRPG …”
  • Island at the Axis of the World: “With Zeitgeist, Nock has now perfected the technique of presenting an adventure path, and has handedly beat Paizo at their own game.”
  • Island at the Axis of the World: “There is a firm difference between a writer who writes adventures and a DM who writes adventures. Nock is a DM who writes adventures. The material throughout the campaign is designed so that the DM can relay things to their players in a fashion that is easiest to them. The open writing style allows DMs to institute their own ideas, side stories and PC shenanigans and still keep up with the campaign. If the next adventures are anywhere as different and exciting as Axis, this is going to be one of the epic Adventure Paths of this decade.”
  • Campaign Guide: “This is an excellent support document for what promises to be an amazing and memorable campaign. Indeed, if you prefer crafting your own campaigns, it’s worth a look to get ideas on what sort of things you ought to be thinking about and planning in advance to raise your campaign to this standard!”
  • Players Guide: “Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn’t notice any glitches. Layout adheres to a 2-column, full-color standard with fitting borders and the artworks, oh boy, the artworks are AWESOME and should fulfill the needs of even the most critical person, being on par with Paizo, WotC etc., perhaps even beyond that in a couple of them… this player’s guide is free and of a higher quality than most commercial publications…. Hence, my final verdict will be 5 stars endzeitgeist seal of approval.”


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Island at the Axis of the World

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Digging for Lies

Always on Time