Free Intro Pack

For 5th Edition

Download the FREE Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide for 5th Edition! These two documents will introduce the players and the GM to this epic adventure path, providing them with all the setting and background information they need to get started along with a slew of ZEITGEIST-specific rules material.

  • The enormous free 60-page Player’s Guide provides player information on the world, races, the Royal Homeland Constabulary, equipment, and more.
  • The free 27-page Campaign Guide provides DMs with an overview of the entire 13-part adventure path, background information, and other details not meant for players.

For Pathfinder & D&D 4th Edition

The free ZEITGEIST™  intro pack includes the first adventure, The Island at the Axis of the World, and the free Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide.  The Campaign Guide includes a full overview of the saga and is meant only for GMs/DMs.  The Player’s Guide is designed for players, and contains background information and character options.

You do not need to be a subscriber to download the intro pack.  Simply right-click and save-as to grab the PDFs on this page.


The Intro Pack:

These are the REVISED editions of the intro pack files. To distinguish them from the originals, these revised editions have “r1” in the filename and the words “Revision 1” in the bottom left corner of the title page.

You can also buy these in gorgeous full-color softcover format. Click on the “Buy ZEITGEIST” link over on the left menu!