For 5th Edition

The following adventures are available for 5th edition:

  • Island at the Axis of the World. 3rd level. (RPGnow / Amazon)

Also be sure to check out the free Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide.

For Pathfinder & D&D 4th Edition

Buy ZEITGEIST adventures in full-colour softcover format or in electronic PDF format from RPGNow/DTRPG, or Paizo or subscribe to EN World. Levels below are Pathfinder RPG levels; they will differ for the D&D 4th Edition versions which go from levels 1-30.

Act One

The heroes investigate conspiracies in order to protect Risur and Danor’s imminent peace treaty.

  • Island at the Axis of the World. 1st level. [download free on intro pack page] – available now
  • The Dying Skyseer. 2nd-3rd level. [sample] – available now
  • Digging for Lies. 4th-5th level. [sample] – available now
  • Always on Time. 6th level. [sample] – available now
  • Cauldron-Born. 7th-8th level. – available now

Act Two

The heroes fight a conspiracy’s plot to alter reality so they can ascend to power.

  • Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman. 9th-10th level. – available now
  • Schism. 11th-12th level. – available now
  • Diaspora. 13th-14th level. – available now
  • The Last Starry Sky. 15th-16th level. – available now

Act Three

The villains rule a world twisted to fit their philosophy. The heroes topple them and set a new course for the world.

  • Godmind. 17th-18th level. – available now
  • Gorged on Ruins. 19th level. – available now
  • The Grinding Gears of Heaven. 20th level. – available now.
  • Avatar of Revolution. 20th level. -available now.